Recycled Furniture UK: Our History As Feltons In Preston

Recycled Furniture UK (Known as Feltons in Preston) have been supplying used office furniture throughout the UK for many years, covering all major cities including London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow & Edinburgh.

Since 1915, they have been a family-run business, passing hierarchy through generation after generation to become what they are today.

Our History

Feltons Office Furniture was established in 1901 in Oldham, by the Great Grandfather of today’s generation. In the beginning, the business provided Government surplus and army surplus furniture during the time of the First World War.

As the business progressed, the Feltons moved from Oldham to Blackpool in the early 1940s to help the business grow further. It was during this time that they opened a variety of yards to supply military and office surplus to their customers. They also established a demolition business, so it was an incredibly busy and successful period for them.

The Move to Preston

Unfortunately, the family broke up not long after this success which saw grandfather, Terrance Felton, move to Preston in the early 1960s. Here, he opened his first shop on Water Lane and aimed to build the business up from nothing again, by supplying military clothing and office furniture to consumers.

The company proved to be successful, mainly due to being located in a busy area with British aerospace and Preston docks when it was a working dock.

The Company Today

Today, Scott Felton, the founders Great Grandson, is at the top of the business.

“After helping out and learning about the company during the school holidays from ages 12 to 14, I became a part of the business full time when I was 16 years of age. Today, I am 38!” says Scott.

“My aim was to continue the success of both my great grandfather and grandfather, and help the business move forward in the right direction. Since being a part of the family-run business, I have helped it move with the growing times, which allows us to keep up to date with everything.”

“Throughout the years, we see many things change within industries, and how things were in the beginning to how they are now are completely different. A lot changes in 100 years. I changed the outlook, settings and how things are displayed within the business, which in turn helps us to grow in this ever-changing world.”

“We have developed great contacts, great relationships with people, and a great reputation. As a family business, our service is second to none, and we aim to keep continuing to grow the business from where we are today, by continuing to provide quality stock and products to all.”

“We have a great team at the centre of the business who are committed to helping us achieve this, and we couldn’t be happier.”

Every day, they pride themselves in giving the best service to every single one of their customers. This is a value Feltons Recycled Furniture UK holds close to their heart. The team works nationwide, installing and stripping quality branded office furniture to create the look and feel you have envisioned.

Feltons have been serving our customers for 120 years, and hope to continue doing so for many more years to come. Whether you’re looking for the right furniture for your business, or if you’re looking to relocate, they’re here to help you. 

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