The Law Around Using Your Mobile Phone While Driving Has Changed

From today, new regulations have been put in place around mobile phone use while driving.

It means: you can’t use your phone at all while driving, unless it’s hands-free and the phone is secured in a cradle.

This applies even if you’re stuck/at a standstill in traffic.

It also applies even if you’re not actually making a call or messaging – so scrolling through apps, changing your music or even tapping the screen to check the time is a no-no.

If you are caught using a hand-held device while driving you could be liable for a £200 fine and six points on your licence.

However you can now use your phone to pay contactless at drive-through, as long as your car is safely parked.

Driving while using a mobile phone is known to reduce reaction times and a split-second lapse in concentration could cause a serious or fatal collision.

Research shows that a collision becomes four times more likely if you are driving and using your phone.

The law is changing to make it clearer what you can and can’t do. Anything that involves you touching your phone while driving – other than in exceptional emergency circumstances – could now be classed as dangerous driving.

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